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Service Times


9:30am Sunday School
10:30am Morning Worship
5:30pm Evening Prayer
6:00pm Evening Worship


7:00pm Prayer & Bible Study

Where to Find Us

Located about 15 minutes outside of Maryville and Townsend and 30 minutes outside of Pigeon Forge and Knoxville

4234 Gamble Lane
Walland, TN 37886

From Knoxville
Take Hwy 129 (Exit 386B from I-40)
Stay on Hwy 129 for about 16 miles
At fork, merge left onto Lamar Alexander Parkway
Drive for about 9 miles and Gamble Lane will be on your right past Heritage High School.

From Pigeon Forge
Turn onto Hwy 321/Wears Valley Road then drive about 15 miles
Turn right onto Lamar Alexander Parkway, drive about 10 miles
Turn left onto Gamble Lane just past Rivermill Antique Mall.

What to Expect

Our Sunday School
Every attempt has been made to have an effective, Christ honoring Sunday School. We have at least two adult teachers per class, who, take their job seriously. In the older classes we include memorization work.

Our Congregation
At present we are a small congregation with about 100 members and large youth group. We strive to be friendly and will make every attempt to make you welcome.

We have a nursey available for those who wish to utilize it. Women are available in every service, who would be more than happy to assist you with your children if you like.

Generally our folks are dressed in their best because of our desire to honor the Lord by giving Him our very best, even in our dress. This means a suit and tie for some, and blue jeans and polo shirt for others. Our ladies typically wear dresses or skirts, but you will not be treated differently based on apparel. Our desire is to be a help and a blessing to those who attend our church regardless of their attire.

We like to think of our church as one that is attempting to preserve the “old fashion” way of worship. By this we mean worship that is not worked emotions of the flesh, but controlled by the Spirit of God. Our congregation feels freedom in our services to be obedient to the Holy Spirit. Therefore, it is not unusual to have personal testimonies of God’s goodness, occasionally there will be worshipful shouting by the saints, tears, the raising of hands, and the hearing of Amen in praise to God. This does not always occur, but is not foreign to our meetings.

The Bible plainly teaches the father’s responsibility for the spiritual education of the children. We know and honor this truth, and in no way believe the church is a replacement for this. But we are convinced the church can assist or re-enforce truth taught in the home. Therefore, as has been said previously, our church attempts to place an emphasis on the youth. The reason for this is first because we love and want to help them. But secondly, the potential they possess for the glory of God is phenomenal. We have Bible preaching that is applicable to our youth, an effective Sunday School program, youth choir, four Youth Sundays per year, four Sunday School outings per year, and two church-wide outings per year, as well an occasional youth meeting.